about us

Built in the 1990s, by British-born Sue and her islander husband Zul (deceased), the wooden huts follow the traditional Malay village design. Bamboo Hill grew from a marriage of East and West but also a deep love for this beautiful, unspoilt island. The tradition of caring continues with the team comprising Sue, her son Ben, daughter Juliana and the ever willing, wonderful Warri who has been a member of the Bamboo Hill family since 2012.

Tioman has not developed as drastically as many popular islands in South East Asia and remains close to its pristine state. Air Batang village is a quiet, traditional Malay village where establishments are run by local Muslim families. There are no cars in the village. The chalets, shops and restaurants are run by families who are unsophisticated yet welcoming. For those seeking a lively ambiance and night-life, Tioman will disappoint. We recommend Juara, on the other side of the island, for those searching for a long sandy beach and Thailand for anyone looking for beach parties.