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Bay View/chalet #2

Set centrally on the garden hill, this private chalet was renovated at the end of 2018.The side windows offer a view across the sea and the veranda doors look out along the bay shore. Access is by high steps from the path leading to the beach.

  • RM 250
  • 2 adults
  • beach access and private veranda
  • 24 sqm
  • 1 room: queen bed
  • hot shower
  • ceiling fans
  • hammock
  • mini-bar fridge, kettle, tea, Nescafe, sugar and creamer
  • we do not have a restaurant so breakfast is not included (ABC restaurant is a minute walk from us)

White cotton sheets, towels, soap (no shampoo or toothbrush), toilet paper, an anti-mosquito diffuser, bug spray, washing up liquid, kitchen sponge, dishcloth, mosquito coil burner and a lamp with tea lights are provided. Beach towels on request.

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