chalet 2

  • RM 280 (plus laundry surcharge of RM10 if the sofa bed is required)
  • 2 adults (and 2 children aged 5+)
  • beach access and private veranda
  • 24sqm
  • 1 room: one queen and one double sofa bed
  • hot shower
  • ceiling fans
  • hammock
  • mini-bar fridge, kettle, tea, Nescafe, sugar and creamer
  • we do not have a restaurant so breakfast is not included (ABC restaurant is a minute walk from us)

Newly renovated at the end of 2018. Access is by high steps from the path leading to the beach.

Sheets, towels, soap (no shampoo or toothbrush), toilet paper, an anti-mosquito diffuser, bug spray, washing up liquid, kitchen sponge, dishcloth and a lamp with tea lights are provided. Beach towels on request. A child guard fence is available for the beach-side steps.