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thoughtful extras and facilities

Free, high-speed broadband Wi-Fi, provided by TM Unifi via fibre optic cable from the mainland and then distributed with Deca mesh technology, is available in the reception and all the chalets. Download speeds are generally between 50-80Mbs and upload between 10-30Mbs.

The best mobile networks are Celcom and Maxis.

UV purified Tioman spring water is free for guests (sterilized bottles provided). Refills for non-guests cost RM1.



Extras for remote working: We have desks and extension leads and can provide an address for long stay guests if items need to be purchased or delivered from the mainland. A WIFI printer is in reception. Coffee press 0.4L is available.

We don’t have our own restaurant but ABC restaurant is 1 minute away.

There are 3 restaurants along the 10 minute walk to the jetty serving basic Asian food and western fare. For those seeking sophisticated dining, Tioman will disappoint. Restaurants usually open for breakfast from 8am, serve lunch and then close between 3-7pm after which they open for dinner. Sunset Corner pizza is open from 2pm onward (closed on Wednesdays). Last orders for food are around 9pm and generally restaurants close at 10pm. Some of the restaurants allow customers to bring in alcoholic drinks if bottles and cans are taken away after eating; alcohol is not served in any Air Batang restaurants. Because the restaurants are run by local families they can suddenly not be open if, for example, the family needs to visit a sick relative or there is a wedding.

The nearest bar is at B&J Tioman Dive Resort which is a 5 minute walk. 

Guests are advised to change money in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur because the small bank does not do currency exchange.

Guests can borrow beach mats, beach towels, umbrellas and sticks to protect from monkeys on treks.

Each room has an electronic anti-mosquito defuser, spray and coils.

in addition to the laundry service each room has lines for drying clothes.

We have a wifi HP printer.

A baby cot is available at no charge. It has a comfortable mattress and a mosquito net top.

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