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Work and rest equals an island office

The pandemic made us re-think our business model away from International tourists flying thousands of miles for a holiday, towards the needs of the local market. The heart of Bamboo Hill has always been a place to stop, rest, recharge and the people who would benefit from this live and work in urban spaces, like KL and Singapore. Work and rest equals an island office. We are slowly making changes to the chalets to meet the needs, like a desk and extension cords. However, 2021 has seen 9 months with no business so we wait for the resources to add comfortable work chairs and kitchen facilities in the chalets. Remote workers can use the reception kitchen facilities between 8am-9pm. There is a gas cooker and microwave.

‘A place where tranquility and productivity are both available when needed. I never realised how much my environment influenced my productivity until I found my Island Office! Strong WiFi, conveniently located sockets and never ending supply of pure spring water, I had everything I needed to work effectively. Not to mention a backdrop that beat any Zoom background! I love my Island Office ❤️’ TJ

Coffee, WiFi, Laptop, Serenity
Monsoon island office January 2022

Wifi speed tests

The changing moods of the view.


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